Our Story

We are not just a platform, we are a champion for Indigenous people from all over the world. Known for our communities deep cultural understanding and authentic products.

We are proud to support

Our Mission

To unleash the power of the indigenous community on the world. We break barriers, challenge perceptions and push boundaries to inspire.

Break Barriers

We do this by creating a safe space for authentic identity to grow and be showcased, something that has been resisted and oppressed for many years. All of our vendors give directly back with every sale they make. We are a global community committed to the uprising of the cultures.

Challenge Perceptions

We are not cliche or just in the history books. NAFIIA is a place to see how bright these cultures are still shining, and to come together to see them as the force of nature that each of them are.

Push Boundaries

No matter how remote our vendors are located, we make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. There is no excuse to not go directly to the source now. We are the death of cultural appropriation.