NAFIIA & Canada-UK Foundation

It made for an exciting afternoon on Tuesday when Ajia was invited for an interview at the High Commission of Canada located at Trafalgar Square in London, England.

Showing up in her “Death to Cultural Appropriation” shirt and long red leather earrings made from a friend, she spoke about the efforts of NAFIIA and the exciting impact it will have globally, specifically in the United Kingdom.

You can read a short snippet below or follow the link for the full story! 

She told us that even the very word “Indigenous” doesn’t have a lot of concrete meaning for people she meets in Bristol.

“It’s a huge responsibility”, she said, “making sure I speak for myself and my truth and only talk about what I know, not trying to speak for an entire culture that I didn’t grow up with, on the one hand, but on the other, taking responsibility for creating some visibility for an important identity.

I’m trying to explain to people what a Canadian Indigenous person is, and sometimes I’m not getting that glimmer of recognition until I get right down to very old terms that people know, like ‘cowboys and Indians’. 

Lots of work to be done, and I hope that in some very very small way, Nafiia is my contribution to the larger conversation.

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