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I am an award winning Chickasaw artist, printmaking completely by hand at Hallito Studio in Tongva (Frogtown ((Los Angeles)) ) My process is a combination of block prints, a nontraditional form of intaglio, and mono-prints, with a focus on environmentally friendly processes. The materials used for plates and blocks are mostly recycled or found materials. I've used traffic cones, gym mats, and even construction waste for printing blocks. The plates used in the intaligo process are recycled plexiglass scraps from a local art framing shop. Using plexi rather than copper plates allows me to skip all the toxic chemicals in the etching process. The inks used are soy and/or water based and made in America. The paper is all american sourced and a majority of the fabrics are as well (fabric is new - I'm still sourcing) Some of the fabrics are Native woven, these will be marked NDN in the description.



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  • no returns. everything here is a one off piece, and I am not amazon. I'm sorry. But trust that I will do everything in my power to carefully pack and quickly ship your item in a manor that should allow it to arrive safe and sound. I cannot prevent Ace Venture level shipping methods, porch thieves, or acts from above.